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Imagine it’s the first day of summer 2013. You wake up, hop out of bed and tie on a bikini, or one piece, hell it doesn’t matter what you put on because you know you look hot in it. On your way out of your room you stop by the mirror and smile at yourself. You see all your hard work payed off. You finally have the body you’ve always wanted. This is going to be YOUR summer. The summer you’re no longer insecure, the summer you can wear short shorts, crop tops, and swimsuits and feel hot doing it. This is the summer where you can go out all night to do whatever; a fair, a party, or even just hanging out with a friend you won’t have to worry about how you look or what people think of you. Because this is the summer of YOU. So whatever you need to do to get to this point, lose weight, build muscle, or gain confidence, do it. Summer in 25 weeks away. How are you going to feel at the end of those 25 weeks?




& Don’t think of it as “wow 25 weeks away I can start tomorrow.” think of it as “wow it’s ONLY 25 weeks away! I better get cracking!” 

Omg i’m crying…

wow, just wow

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